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Schaefer Ranchwear Is Holding Steady to Its Made in US

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Core Tip: Schaefer Ranchwear,one of America's last full-line clothing companies is looking forward to a record year for 2012 and is optimistic for 2013 and beyond by chur

Schaefer Ranchwear,one of America's last full-line clothing companies is looking forward to a record year for 2012 and is optimistic for 2013 and beyond by churning out a number of new jean,shirt and outerwear styles keeping the collection fresh,along with innovative marketing efforts.

Despite current economic uncertainty,political gridlock,unemployment and the daily lure of importing offshore,Schaefer Ranchwear is holding steady to its made in America roots committing all of its resources to grow the company forward.Rick Grant,President of Schaefer Ranchwear is optimistic for the future company's growth over the next five years."We're here for the long haul and I refuse to downsize despite many negative economic indicators.I am convinced expanding our American made collection of ranchwear and outdoor clothing will continue to be a bright beacon shining on the hill and I encourage my fellow Made In America manufacturers to take the same outlook."

While Schaefer has stayed true to it's made in America roots for the last 30 years many brands have jumped on the band wagon in the last few years,but with higher price points targeting the ultra-affluent consumer.

"We are working hard to keep overhead low and streamline production in order to keep pricing as affordable as possible,according to Grant.This management style has translated into a healthy growth model going forward into the next five years."

"Every American manufacturer regardless of their specialty needs to be bullish and opportunistic over the next five years.There are millions of customers out there who are willing to pay a fair price for quality,American made products and this will in turn contribute to the rebuilding of the economy.Frankly,we're on our own,it's really up to the made in America entrepreneurs left in this country to pull together and make the best quality products possible,"Grant said.

Many may remember the Schaefer duster,a chic New York City fashion statement as well as an iconic working cowboy garment in the 1980's sporting a Proudly Made by the Arapahoe Nation label.

A one hit wonder back in those days,this single style put the Schaefer brand on map.Now,the full-line New Mexico based American Made Clothier has grown to over 80 styles including shirts,jeans,vests and outerwear.Truly a success story considering the tough economic times and the scarcity of the Made in USA label since 1982.Nowadays,a large portion of the line is driven by shoppers looking for American made garments.

"There used to be negative stigma which went with the Made in USA label regardless of how much quality was built into our product.Our prices were always compared to the lesser expensive Asian imports,but now consumers are seeing us as having old-school American craftsmanship.Not a day goes by,we don't have a customer showing their pride in purchasing our American made products,"according to Grant.

Schaefer Ranchwear is one of the last brand name manufacturers who design and produce premium Ranchwear and Outdoor clothing exclusively in America.

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